Three Little Pigs is a perfectionist producer
of cured meats based in Yorkshire.


Our story begins with us lovingly
curing and hand-making all
our chorizo and salami in small
batches on our own farm, which
has seen five generations of the
Clarkson family.


We’ve lived and farmed at Kiplingcotes for
five generations and we love creating the
finest cured meat you’ll ever taste.


We believe a happy pig makes for better tasting meat.
We’re completely devoted to using free range pigs. All the charcuterie pigs have felt their snouts in the earth and the sun on their backs, enjoying the most natural free range lifestyle possible.


Asparagus with crispy duck egg, Three Little Pigs chorizo and lovage

The Pipe & Glass Inn, winner of the Michelin Pub of the Year 2012 is on our doorstep. Proprietor and chef James McKenzie loves our chorizo and has kindly provided us with some recipes from his book ‘On the menu’.