To buy our Spicy Chorizo

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or visit our online partners:

The Courtyard Dairy –  Buy our product with cheese.

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Caprera Foods – Our full range of chorizo and salami online.

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Available in farm shops and delis around the country.

London:  Selfridges, Partridges, Wholefoods Market, Sourced Market.




To buy directly for your shop

Please email


Our chorizo and salami range is also available to trade from:


Hider Food Imports Ltd 01482 504333

The Cress Co 0845 643 1330

Blakemore Fine Foods 01902 366 066

Cryer & Stott. Tel: 01977 510638

Diverse Fine Foods 01278 792426

Enterprise Foods 01355 611020



If you are outside the UK – Ramsden International