It beats a toaster set any day!


We started our rare breed herd of Berkshire pigs with our first pig, which we
received as a wedding present. This kind of tells you how much we love what
we do!


After tasting the delicious meat we decided to go down to the market and buy
three little pigs. A new chapter in the Clarkson farming legacy was started, and
we haven’t looked back since.


Happy as pigs in …you know…


We believe a happy pig makes for better tasting meat. We’re
completely devoted to rearing our rare breed, free range pigs in the best
way possible and insist that all our pork from other
farms is raised in the same way.


All the charcuterie pigs have felt their snouts in the earth and
the sun on their backs enjoying the most natural free range
lifestyle possible. Ours are so posh they drink mineral water
from our well!


Distinctive Flavour. Classic Heritage.


Our free range pork is of the highest quality, and gives our chorizo and salami a
distinctive flavour. We trim our pork more finely than our European cousins,
giving the product a smoother texture and fewer chewy bits.


The pork is combined with the finest Spanish La Vera Smoked Pimenton and
selected herbs and spices. All finished by hand and dried under carefully
controlled conditions.


Our pigs have:

Freedom to roam for
their entire lives.

Straw bedded huts for

Lots of space for each
of them.

As natural a life as is