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Good Pig Award from Compassion in World Farming


Our pigs live outside in as natural environment as we can manage for them. They do of course have straw bedded huts for those chilly nights, but quite honestly they still prefer to be out rooting around. The farms we buy from have the same ethos. The sows are outside all the time and farrow outdoors in special pig arks. After the piglets leave the sow, they spend the first half of their lives roaming around outside, doing what pigs do and with access to shelter. Once they’ve reached a good size the pigs come into large straw bedded barns for a bit of luxury and rest and to make sure they’re in tip top condition for the job that lies ahead.

It’s lovely to receive a prestigious award like this for doing our best on the pig front. We’re proud the pigs are responsibly farmed.

If you would like to know more about pig farming methods including information about how other countries keep their pigs please visit the website for Compassion in World Farming