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Spring has sprung ‘ere in Yorkshire


We can finally kiss goodbye to the long, parky winter months, as spring has definitely sprung all around us! The grass is lush and green, the sky is blue (well some of the time ‘ere in Yorkshire anyway!), flowers are in abundance – in fact new life is springing up everywhere!

From the buzzy bees and emerging fluttering butterflies, we see a whole host of new faces on the farm. Little Black Welsh Mountain Lambs skip joyfully around, the piglets play cheekily with each other and root around for hidden gems, whilst every morning we get the delightful early wakeup call from our friendly cockerel(!)

Spring always signifies new beginnings and a real feel good factor around the farm, it’s great to see all the new life appearing right before our eyes – from the first of the crops that push their way up through the solid ground, the first new born animal, to the return of our favourite fruit and veg.

Asparagus is the veg of the moment and is traditionally in season from St George’s day for a mere 8 weeks. The taste of English asparagus cannot be matched by any imported asparagus, so now is the time to buy.

Chef James McKenzie, proprietor of the Pipe and Glass Inn and winner of the Michelin Pub of the Year 2012, has created this wonderful Spring recipe of Asparagus with Crispy Duck Eggs, Three Little Pigs Chorizo and Lovage.

So if you love using seasonal produce and support your local farms, you only have a few weeks to try out this gorgeously, scrummy recipe.

And, you don’t need to live on a farm to appreciate all the amazing first signs of spring – it’s happening all around us!