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British Charcuterie – keeping it at its best


I’m often asked when I’m at food festivals selling our Britsh Salami – what is the best way to store it?

Our  products are fully dried, whole and vacuum packed.  As such they can be stored either in or out of a fridge, whilst in their packs, until the Best before date shown on the back.

Once you have opened the pack, you should store in a fridge. A fully dried chorizo or salami does not go off. It will begin to dry out and if not protected will soon dry  to rock hard. It depends very much on your own fridge as to the time scale.

We recommend that you either wrap your  Three Little Pigs British chorizo in greaseproof paper or store in a plastic storage box to slow down the drying process. I am happily slicing off products in my fridge, stored in the correct way, several weeks into their lifespan.

We don’t recommend storing in your freezer as the quality and flavour will deteriorate.

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