Our products are made from rare breed pigs responsibly farmed  in Yorkshire. It is this special pork that gives our products a distinctive flavour.


We finely trim and mince the pork, giving the product a smoother texture than it’s European counterparts (fewer “chewy” bits in Yorkshire speak!)
They are dried under carefully controlled conditions producing a ready-to-eat
chorizo for snacking and cooking.


We care about our animals and the meat they produce – and this is reflected in the quality of our products as the Great Taste gold awards we’ve won show. We love our chorizo with crusty bread and a glass of red wine, but it’s  also perfect for cooking with.










For those who enjoy the flavour without the heat….
Our mild chorizo is carefully prepared using the best ingredients
including La Vera Smoked Pimenton. It’s delicious with crusty
bread and a glass of red. Alternatively, it adds a lovely
flavour to dishes when you cook with it.






GT Producer





For those who like a bit more of a kick in their chorizo….
Our rare breed pork combines with Spanish La Vera

Smoked Pimenton and selected herbs and spices to produce an

award-winning moderately spicy chorizo. It is then finished by

hand and dried under carefully controlled conditions for an

amazing taste and texture. Perfect for eating on it’s own, or for

cooking with as the oils come out to give flavour and colour to the dish.







Spicy horseshoe72dpi








We combine rare breed pork with selected herbs

& spices (organic where possible) to make

our Salami.


It’s carefully dried to just the right texture

and is available in several  flavours.

All have received Great Taste  Awards.

It’s ready to eat, but is also good to cook with.


Our chorizo and salami is available in horseshoe shapes, snacking sticks or ready sliced packs.

We have four flavours in our range all of which

have won Great Taste Awards.



chorizo-award Spicy Chorizo
oregano-award Oregano and Thyme Salami
fennel-award Hot Fennel Salami
salami-award Triple Sec Salami
GT 14 1-star copy3  


Mild Chorizo



GT 14 1-star copy3




Ancho Chilli Salami