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Great Taste Awards 2017 & 2018

We’re all smiles:) The Great Taste Awards results have been published. 2018 Stars for all 3 flavours of our snacking sticks!

2017 Stars for our sliced range. This is what the judges said about our products:


2 stars. Spicy chorizo – in our sliced retail & catering packs.


Beautiful slices, highly aromatic, with a terrific texture – dry (rather than wet), yet tender. A very well judged spicing here – really well managed chilli. Great breadth of flavours across the palate, and a good length – in fact a great length, with a delightful, well judged warmth and great integration of spicing.


2 stars. Fennel Salami – in our sliced retail & catering packs.


A very delicious and well made air dried sausage. It offered an enticing aroma on the nose – you could smell the fruitiness and the heat of the chilli, alongside the fennel. The habanero chilli was very well balanced and just offerred enough heat. We wanted to keep eating this – and we did! As good as it gets. Seasoning was spot on – we think this is an exquisite product.


1 star. Mild chorizo – in our sliced retail & catering packs.


Nice slices…a very even cure, good colour, inviting aroma. The texture is good on the palate, and there is a gradual flavour release. Some well managed spicing, well integrated garlic… a good cure.