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Grocery Gems review of our Spicy Chorizo

My first impressions of the Three Little Pigs chorizo are excellent. The chorizo is meaty, without too many fatty pockets, and certainly no grizzly bits at all. The flavour is just delicious too. I usually avoid spicy chorizo as I often find that the spice is too overpowering, but that’s certainly not the case here. The flavour is deliciously meaty and well seasoned, with a lovely balance of the smoky pimenton and spices. The texture is incredibly smooth and tender for a chorizo making it ideal as a snacking chorizo. We enjoyed it just with some fresh crusty bread – perfection!
I decided to also try cooking with the Three Little Pigs Rare Breed chorizo and I made a simple chicken, chorizo and chick pea stew. The results were very successful, the chorizo immediately turned the oil a gorgeous orangey colour and added plenty of deliciously smoky flavour to the dish.
Grocery Gems Review: Three Little Pigs Rare Breed Spicy Chorizo
RATING: 10 out of 10.
Buy it again?: Yes.
Nutrition: Gluten Free.
Available: See below.

Three Little Pigs products are available at Co-Op, Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, Partridges, farmshops, specialist cheese shops and via Aga Foodhalls online. For further information check out