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A rather delightful letter…

Hello there

I am emailing you to complain…

At Christmas my husband, knowing that I am rather partial to a

cured meat, bought me one of your salamis - with fennel, no less.

An interesting present, I thought!!! Please believe that I

wasn’t comparing my I-Watch gift to him, so all was well.
Now, three weeks on, I am addicted and, at any one time,

have a small but significant collection of your products

poised in the kitchen….As a result, I cannot make a cup

of tea, cook or put the dishwasher on without treating

myself to a bit of chorizo. It is really impacting on my life as I am finding all the

previous chorizos I have tried (including memories of those

I have had in Spain) to pale in comparison. It also means

regular and expensive trips to the deli or farm shop

(which had the audacity to close over New Year) to feed my habit. If you can think of a solution to my difficulty,

I will not take this complaint further, With regrettably kind regards,