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‘There’s a lot of work in making chorizo’ A review by The Guardian


An unusual wedding gift of a pair of pigs set Jon and Charlotte Clarkson on the road to producing high-quality pork products.


We live and work high on the Yorkshire wolds, on land that Jon’s family has been farming for 85 years. We’ve been raising rare-breed pigs here since 2005, when a neighbour who wanted to give us something unusual for our wedding treated us to a pair of Berkshire gilts – young females that had never been impregnated. We had them inseminated, but while we were waiting for those first litters, we got impatient and bought three little pigs to fatten. They spent most of their lives escaping and digging up the garden, but eventually they became three bigger pigs and we took them to the abattoir. When the carcasses came back, we dropped them on the kitchen table and thought, “Well, now what?”
That question took a while to answer, but after a few years selling fresh pork and bacon, Three Little Pigs has found its niche. Since 2011 we’ve been supplying restaurants, delis and the public with salami flavoured with oregano and thyme, as well as mild and spicy chorizos featuring the smoked Spanish paprika known as pimentón de la Vera.


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